Elliot Sokolov
KINGS PARK documentary trailer
Director: Lucy Winer
Credits: Elliot Sokolov, keyboards, guitars, electronics. music copyright (c) 2011 Elliot Sokolov / User Friendly Music. All rights reserved. For more info: www.kingsparkmovie.com
Description: Elliot Sokolovs original score for the groundbreaking documentary film "Kings Park: Stories From an American Mental Institution," directed by Lucy Winer, produced by Wildlight Productions, Inc. On June 21, 1967, at the age of 17, Lucy Winer was committed to the female violent ward of Kings Park State Hospital following a series of failed suicide attempts. Over 30 years later, now a veteran documentary filmmaker, Lucy returns to Kings Park for the first time since her discharge. Her journey back sparks a decade-long effort to face her past and learn the story of the now abandoned institution that once held her captive. Her meetings with other former patients, their families, and the hospital staff reveal the painful legacy of our state hospital system and the crisis left by its demise.

A Postcard from the Asylum (Music from Kings Park)
Credits: Elliot Sokolov - keyboards, electronics, guitars.
Description: Music from the documentary film "Kings Park: Stories From an American Mental Institution." Original score by Elliot Sokolov. Directed by Lucy Winer. This is a slideshow of still photos, some original and some from the film, with music from the soundtrack. Listen to or download the soundtrack album here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/kings-park-stories-from-american/id536728924 More info: http://www.elliotsokolov.com or www.kingsparkmovie.com music copyright (c) 2011 User Friendly Music. All rights reserved.

Nature: A Celebration of Birds (PBS)
Director: Judy Feith and Michael Male
Credits: Music by Elliot Sokolov. Film by Blue Earth Films.
More info on the music: http://www.elliotsokolov.com
More info on the DVD: http://www.birdfilms.com/pages/peterson.html

Description: Excerpts from "A Celebration of Birds with Roger Tory Peterson" on the PBS series Nature. Peterson's Field Guide to the Birds, first published in 1934, changed the way we look at birds. "Celebration" travels from wild mangrove lagoons in Florida, to a remote island off the coast of Maine. Along the way, there are intimate looks at a wide variety of birds and visits with birders whom Roger has inspired. As he travels, Roger recounts his life as an artist, naturalist and conservationist and shares his hopes and concerns for the future.

PIPEDREAMS for Organ and Alto Saxophone
Credits: Music by Elliot Sokolov Leonard Raver, organ Peter Saiano, alto saxophone video by Elliot Sokolov
Description: Pipedreams by Elliot Sokolov from the CD "Contemporary American Organ Music", released in 1987 on the Classic Masters label. Recorded by the late New York Philharmonic organist Leonard Raver and saxophonist Peter Saiano. Leonard Raver performed on the Aeolian-Skinner/G.Donald Harrison organ at St. Pauls Chapel, Columbia University, New York City. music (c) Elliot Sokolov / User Friendly Music (BMI). Score available from the composer. Contact Elliot on this website.

BROADWAY DAMAGE feature film
Director: Victor Mignatti
Credits: Music composed and arranged by Elliot Sokolov Written & directed by Victor Mignatti; Produced by David Topel Distributed by Jour De Fete Films DVD available from Wolfe Video CAST: Mara Hobel, Hugh Panaro, Michael Shawn Lucas, Aaron Williams, others
Description: A trio of friends, fresh out of college, fight for their bite of the Big Apple in this breezy, very romantic comedy about their lives and loves. A story of youth and optimism meeting reality and its accompanying disappointments.

POOL SHARKS ("Monsters" TV series)
Director: Alan Kingsberg
Credits: Music by Elliot Sokolov Episode written and directed by Alan Kingsberg
Description: Closing scenes from from "Pool Sharks" episode of "Monsters" syndicated TV series.

NOVA - War Machines of Tomorrow
Credits: music by Elliot Sokolov show produced by Larry Klein
Description: Excerpt from PBS series NOVA "War Machines of Tomorrow".

Director: MTV promo video
Credits: Written & Produced by Elliot Sokolov & Jack Waldman, a.k.a. Air Force 1. Mixed by Arthur Baker, edited by the Latin Rascals. Released on Streetwise Records, 1984 (12" single)and CD compilations "Essential House" (2007) and "80s Underground Club Hits" (2006). This is a short promo video which aired on MTV in the 1980s.
Description: A college/alternative radio and club favorite for years after its release, "See the Light Feel the Heat" was produced by Elliot Sokolov & Jack Waldman as Air Force One. It was , and released on Streetwise Records in 1984. It was one of the first records to feature an entirely sampled vocal, by President Ronald Reagan.

Credits: Music by Elliot Sokolov Recorded by the Sesame Workshop Big Band Animation by Al Jarnow
Description: Floor Tiles, animation featured on Sesame Street

SHINE ON THROUGH (rock song)
Credits: Song by Elliot Sokolov Recorded by WILLOW, released in 2006.

Credits: All music composed, produced and performed by Elliot Sokolov, with addition of various studio musicians on spots #4 and #5.
Description: Original music scores for:: 1- ASPEN SANTA FE BALLET TV commercial/ promo Produced by Joe Locarro, Suspension Productions. 2- CITIZEN WATCHES "Americas Cup" TV commercial Creative Director Danny Gregory. 3- ITT INDUSTRIES "Need" TV commercial, from a series of 5 spots. Danny Gregory, Creative Director. 4- THE ART OF TEACHING THE ARTS Scoring for animations for a series of videos designed to enhance teaching of the arts in schools. Produced by Lavine Production Group. 5- UNITED ARTISTS THEATERS "Magician" pre-feature trailer seen at all UA Theaters worldwide. 6- JOOP! "Nuit DEte" Advertising seen in cinemas throughout Europe. (excerpt) Directed by Michael Somoroff. 7- CHARLES SCHWAB INC. "Yard Sale" National television commercial. 8- PRATT & WHITNEY "7E7" excerpt from corporate video for jet engine manufacturer. Produced by Suspension Productions.

GOLDEN THREADS documentary film
Director: Lucy Winer
Credits: Featured on the PBS documentary series "P.O.V." and seen in many film festivals worldwide. Produced by Lucy Winer & Karen Eaton for Wildlight Films Inc.. Original Music by Elliot Sokolov.
Description: Profiling the life of 93 year old activist Christine Burton, founder of a global networking service for lesbians over 50, this documentary exuberantly overturns our most deeply rooted stereotypes and fears of aging.

COMEBACK feature film
Director: William Kelly
Credits: Distributed by Troma Films. Directed by William Kelly; Written by Donny McTaggart & Carl Stillitano. With: Lawrence Winslowe, Daryl Dismond, Michael Orran Farmer. MUSICIANS: Jack Bashkow, saxes; Jerry Sokolov, trumpets; Elliot Sokolov, kybds, guitar.
Description: A Bronx Reggae Western. Ruddy Gayle, a first generation Jamaican American living in the Bronx borough of New York City, has aspirations of making it as a reggae singer. Until he confronts his past, he will not be able to realize his dream.

NOSFERATU art video
Director: Andrew Moore
Credits: Music composed by Elliot Sokolov Elliot Sokolov: keyboards, samplers; Marshall Coid, violin and voice; Gregorian chants by Italian monks. Video created/ produced by Andrew Moore
Description: Art video featured on MTVs "Artbreak" and PBS "New Television" series.

UN Refugees.org PSA (with Khaled Hosseini)
Director: Lucy Winer
Credits: music by Elliot Sokolov
Description: Excerpt from a Public Service Announcement video for TV and interenet to raise awareness and funds for Darfur Aid through UNrefugees.org. featuring Khaled Hosseini, author of "The Kite Runner".

RETRACTIONS short film
Director: William Kelly
Credits: Short film written and directed by William Kelly

LACRIMA score for dance
Credits: Music by Elliot Sokolov. Choreography by Barbara Allegra Verlezza for VerlezzaDance, based in the Cleveland, Ohio area.
Description: Excerpt from a live performance of LACRIMA, at the Stump Theater at Kent State University in Ohio in December 2005.