Elliot Sokolov

"These new arias in The Icarus Project are compelling and beautiful. I sing them as a chant when I walk in the City and teach my students. You are in that singularity of beautiful music, like you've often done with our work. Powers of Ten, Winged, Mr. and Mrs Zmyth, Golden Mean (I-X Pieces), Tobi Roppo, At The Hawk's Well, The Blind Man and the Lame Man, Presidential Tango and many more. I'm cheering you Elliot!"
- Sabatino Verlezza, Choreographer, Professor of Dance

"Great bit of scoring, Elliot! Love the moodiness and morphing soundscapes that you've created here and the varied textures throughout." (Kings Park documentary soundtrack)
- Matt Osborne, DOCUMENTING THE SCORE Documentary Film Scores & Their Soundtracks

"I am pretty damn thrilled with this production. My hat's off to Elliot. Love the music and the way it is incorporated into the film, including quiet times when appropriate. Bravo!"
- Richard Cronin, Senior Associate - Henry L. Stimson Center

"I was the film editor on "Golden Threads" (a feature documentary by Lucy Winer & Karen Eaton made for ITVS and which aired on PBS' series POV in 1999), for which Elliot wrote and produced a brilliant score. He was a pleasure to work with and his collaboration was an integral part of the film -- so much so that we are currently collaborating on another feature documentary, "Kings Park." Elliot is an incredibly talented composer and musician and I would not hesitate to give him the heartiest recommendation."
- Spike Lampros, Emmy Award winning film/video editor

"Elliot is an extremely gifted, inventive and collaborative composer. He is well versed in many genres of music and is easy to work with. I strongly recommend him for your next film. television or commercial project."
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity
- Victor Mignatti, Film/TV/Video Director/Writer/Producer

"Composer Elliot Sokolov conducted his own Almanac for organ, brass trio and percussion, a three movement piece with a brooding, fitful slow movement between flashing, pulsating episodes of inventive coloration and dynamic thrust. A firm, intense performance, warmly received."
- John Dwyer Buffalo Evening News

"Elliot Sokolov's Pipedreams was a lovely blend of organ with saxophone, almost impressionistic and winningly lyrical."
- Byron Belt Newhouse Newspapers

"(Choreographer Sabatino) Verlezza lets Sokolov's strong score drive the dance along or envelop it in a gigantic humming without undue mickey mousing of either its beat or its mood."
- Deborah Jowitt The Village Voice

"Set to energizing yet nuanced music composed by Elliot Sokolov, the dance takes its name (Tobi Roppo) from a term used in Kabuki theater..."
- Jennifer Dunning The New York Times

"You, Elliot, have the ear, and line to the heart and the line to the essence of a human emotion, and then, and further, you have a blessing, a gift, some kind of special insight to put into sonorities that which is physical and 'important' to someone, and you create a 'something' from nothing. It is more than music composition. To this simple person, it is beautiful voodoo! I will follow you! Thank you for the beautiful Music for POWERS OF TEN. This work is permanently elevated to a more realized vision that May O'Donnell intended."
- Sabatino Verlezza, Choreographer, Professor of Dance.

"Probably the finest aspect of Arbitra is the commissioned score by Elliot Sokolov..."
- Jennie Schulman Backstage

"Arbitra, in which Elliot Sokolov's score is superimposed over Villa Lobos's well known Bachianas Brasileiras was stunningly impassioned."
- Anna Kisselgoff The New York Times

"The score for Tobi Roppo, composed by Elliot Sokolov, which utilized a synthesizer and various percussive sounds, was, for a change, an inspiring one. It was quite a relief from those monotonous "slam bangs" that accompany much of today's dance."
- Jennie Schulman Backstage